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and the sword of the Spirit
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Below are the 18 most recent journal entries recorded in Ren Kimura's LiveJournal:

Saturday, August 15th, 2020
9:49 am
dust to dust
7:13 am
dust to dust
Sunday, March 6th, 2011
11:29 pm
ǂ 001 -- going down the only road (phone/action)
[Some people wake up in the same place every day. This gives them a good sense of what that place looks like, almost to the point of knowing the feel of whatever they're sleeping on against the skin of their cheeks. Ren hadn't had that luxury in a while--or indeed, the luxury of sheets, pillows and blankets in a while. So waking up in a new place wasn't in and of itself disconcerting.

But waking up in a new place which was an old place which was a different place? Pretty disconcerting.

Ren stays fairly quiet making his way down to the nearest phone, pausing to take in a few pictures and confirm that he's in a house that isn't his house which isn't his house. He's a bit shaky when he picks up the line, but not entirely distressed beyond belief.

...uh. Question. I know the... whole thing is not being back home, but...

This isn't my house. Like, the house that's supposed to be my house. Does that... happen? [And that's when things get shakier.] Wait, does that mean the people are different too? Like, in general, not just in my house?

[And then comes the shouting.]

Elizabeth? Aisling? C-Calleo? Sister? [Then, almost as a desperate after-thought.] Yutaro?

[And with that, this kiddo is off like a bolt. He'll be blitzing his old haunts, which means

a. making his way almost immediately to church because confession will fix it;

b. scrambling through the park at full-speed, stumbling now and then as he scans the treetops like a logical person; or

c. collapsing in a pile outside the library, unable to keep up this breakneck speed, but the library steps are a legit place to exist in a pile of limbs, right?
172 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Friday, November 26th, 2010
12:39 am
ǂ 013 -- giving thanks (action/phone | event | dated 25.Nov.10)
[Well, housemates, Ren's turkey happened to be full of spiders. So at some point rather late in the evening, while he's poking at it, residents of 1486 Kramden Road (and possibly the surrounding houses) will be treated to horrible shrieks of surprise and the complete explosion of the kitchen. A huge rattling and blinding flash of light like a hell's mouth has been opened and shut rather suddenly.

And, of course, the aftermath is burn-marks and spider guts. Ren will be on hands and knees scrubbing innards off of things and trying to get ash off of things for the rest of the day.

And then he'll be getting on the phone, like the cool kids do.

So I know people've been getting weird turkeys lately...

They cook like chickens, right? So, like, if we went and bought our own that didn't... appear at our house, we could... actually do this holiday. Which seems nice. Except for the spiders. And the blood. Wonder where the ammonia is...
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Monday, November 15th, 2010
1:24 pm
ǂ 012 -- when we were young (action)
[You know who is just a little too social to pass up saying hi even to people with bazookas and a little too clumsy not to get shot in the face and a lot too dead three months in the future to be sent there so much as blasted into the past?

Did you guess Ren? Because it's Ren. And so that means there's now a seven-year-old boy poking around town at various levels of distress. There's

a) mildly distressed and poking around the park, calling out rather softly:

Rai...? Mio? Rai? ...Mio?

[b) fairly distressed and wandering absently around your front yard--yes yours; it looks just a bit like his own front yard and that's got to be a good sign, right?

c) immensely, immensely distressed and bolting down the street after adults because he's clearly lost and adults can fix it please.

{{ooc; and~ responses will be coming from nodiabolohere because HE WAS A CUTE TINY CHILD YOU SHOULD SEE.]
198 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
8:19 pm
ǂ 011 -- wrenched (phone/action)
[This morning, Ren used the front door. Stuck politely under the mat? A letter with his name printed on it. Inside the envelope? The most beautiful picture of a young, beautiful girl beaming up at the camera with the most breathtakingly sad smile on her face.

Which means he won't be at school today. He'll be

a. just standing in the porch, staring at the photo with a completely brilliant smile on his face;

b. sitting upside down on a bench in the park, still staring at the photo and grinning like a dork;

c. walking down the street in an absently happy daze, unconsciously zapping the top off a fire hydrant--and then scrambling to fix it;or

d. at church praying like a mo-fo.

Then he'll be scrambling home to make a (e.) phone call.

I know everyone's down on this place after all the bad candy, but... it's not so bad. Surprises you now and then.

D'you think, though... when you find something here that's not from home, but... shows someone from...

Is there anyone here who knows Mio?

It's... it's really important, actually.

Also it's getting cold lately. Do jackets just appear when we need them or what?
148 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Monday, November 1st, 2010
8:36 am
ǂ 010 -- soldiers (phone/action)
[Did you sleep well last night, Mayfield? Did you perhaps party a little hard and drink of the booze like drink, or stay up until the wee hours of dawn before crashing from a sugar buzz?

Thankfully, your early morning wake-up call has arrived!

Happy All Saint's, Mayfield. 's gonna be a good one, I think. So, ah... how do we get rid of all the candy? Make yourself sick on it even if you didn't go out last night, just from the stuff lying around still...

[And then it's off for a bright, productive day! Ren can be found

a) unsurprisingly, at the Church first thing in the morning, skulking the graveyard for names; and then

b) back after school, leaving flowers on a few of the stones;

c) finally back to wandering in the most populated park ever, just a little distracted, looking for a private place to sit and think; and finally

d) specifically dropping by 951 Beulah Street to drop off a book of Latin poetry he found lying around somewhere, probably with the last of the flowers. He promised at least one resident there would be poetry when things got back to normal, right?
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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
12:52 am
ǂ 009 -- still better (phone/action)
[Someone's still a little confused now and then where his memory blanks out. He's also most irritated than he's been in a while.]

So can we go outside? If inside's not safe and outside's not safe and-- I mean, can we all just bolt until we've seen that our friends are safe and then-- go hide in the woods or something?

Or is it worse if there are lots of us together?

I don't--

[And, of course, there's the fact that having the Diabolo back is generally destabilizing. His attention span has been a little shorter than usual, so the phone is idle a moment before he hangs up again.

And, against whatever judgment the world has given him, heads out to

a) skirt about behind his own house like a well-trained street child and

b) window-peek, because maybe he'll see people behaving normally and calmly and it'll remind him of how to be calm. Or maybe the hazmats will eat him. NOT SURE.
64 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Thursday, October 21st, 2010
12:29 pm
ǂ 008 -- better (phone)
[There's a little bit of shouting here, as the phones have been busy with important messages but Ren is fairly certain he needs an answer about this.]

Hey! Hey!!

I know everyone's busy, but-- but does any one know if the whole box top thing is still... I know people got hurt real bad giving things up for it, but if things are going the way they're going, it's starting to seem like a good option. Was at the post office, right?

[A deep breath.]

Elizabeth, Aisling, Ms Ukraine. Stay safe.
64 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Thursday, October 7th, 2010
11:29 am
ǂ 007 -- missing (phone/action)
[Not backdated. Ren's just a sucker for holding onto hope. He's sounding rather shaky about this, though, probably even to those who don't know him well.]

...so, ah. It's been long enough that I don't think he's...

If anyone knew my little brother, Yutaro Murana-- or, ah, Redding, I guess, I'm pretty sure he's gone for good. Can't find where he hid his bat. Hope that means he took it with him, wherever he went. Which we're pretty sure is home, right?

That'd be good. Kid definitely deserved a better brother 'n me.

[And on that note, Ren can be found

a) musing on his front stoop with a rather contented looking kitten asleep on his shoulders (such balance and poise, I know);

b) wandering rather aimlessly through the park looking for... well, he's not really sure; or

c) staring blankly into space in class, for once not actively excited to be in school.
92 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
11:43 am
ǂ 006 -- dancing (phone)
[What are filters who knows how to use them that sounds like technology DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS EVEN TO DIAL A PHONE LET ALONE FILTER ANYTHING.]

So Prin... well, I mean, Elizab... it's...

[An awkward pause.


Anyone know the best way t' get cat hair off, uh... everything ever? I'm pretty sure I coughed up some at school today. So if there's a trick to keeping it off clothes and out of lungs, that'd be super awesome. Help, Mayfield?

[Another pause, and another inability to filter. Which means, actually, that he sort of half-yells to get attention rather than specifically filtering anything to anyone like a normal person.]

SO UH. CALLEO? You got a minute to talk about something, maybe?
80 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
9:45 am
ǂ 005 -- sunshine (phone/action)
[Possibly this happens after his first day of school. In which case, please assume that his tone is super, super sparkly.

Since Ren's regain was a totally 90s fashionable, completely ratty hoodie which may or may not smell just a little bit like Rai, he has nothing to babble about--just a decidedly chipper tone which will be recognizable as "blood what blood there was never any blood MAYFIELD IS AWESOME."

Man, 's really nice hearing people sound happy about things for a change. Guess it makes sense. Still wish people'ld feel this way without having to be prompted by packages.

But! That's not my question. My question is, ah. Is there some sort of... pet store around here or something? Not that I have money, but. I know that a lot of the animals here are the kind that talk and get annoyed that they're stuck being pets, but... there's also kittens, right? I totally saw a tabby the other day that was the most cat-like cat I've ever seen catting around the place.

Where're all the kittens hidden? Do I just need to... look harder...?

[Suddenly, inspiration. If you don't catch him by phone, you'll probably notice Ren straying outside of his usual haunts today. Meaning invading your home's personal space bubble by either

A. slinking suspiciously around by your garbage cans with a piece of string with all the subtlety and grace of a ninja wearing bright colours who also isn't a ninja,

B. raising UNHOLY HELL in your backyard because something furry but NOT A KITTEN has taken offense to his innocent poking around in its natural environment, or

C. knocking on your door sheepishly, totally not sporting signs of having been clawed by a raccoon but if you could find it in your heart to give him some bandages he'll stop letting his arm bleed all over your porch and be on his way. This is probably the best first impression ever.
230 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Saturday, September 4th, 2010
3:52 am
ǂ 004 -- summer lovin' (action | event | locked to Misaka)
[Ren is amazing at sleeping in weird places. He's also amazing at sleeping in uncomfortable clothes. So being whisked from his bed and boxers to the front seat of a car and a sweater vest? Doesn't really disrupt his sleep.

At least, until he moves to stretch.

Being in a bed again has clearly spoiled him, because he stretches like a cat with all the room in the world. He doesn't have anything like all the room in the world. His body, bound by the laws of physics, responds accordingly. As his back arches and limbs shift, his centre of gravity is briefly shifted just a bit too far forward.

Like any normal human being, he therefore falls.

Like any normal human being asleep at the wheel of a car, he falls onto the horn with his face. And like any normal human being, this manages to startle him awake. And, logically, makes him grab his nose rather than glance around and examine his situation.

Fuckin' ow--
162 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
6:39 am
ǂ 003 -- blood (phone/action)
[There's a bit of quiet breathing over the phone early this morning, like someone picked it up and then lost track of themselves for a bit. When he speaks, anyone who knows his voice will guess that he's exhausted and unhappy, which is weird for Mr Chipper. Spoiler alert: he is rather exhausted and unhappy.]

It's... really hard to keep track of these sorts of things over the phone, especially not knowing many people here, but... it's important.

Have lots of people been noticing their friends get really bent out of shape about stupid things lately? Or is that just me? Like, not just overreacting, but sort of... getting... possessed by something to the point where it's like a totally different person? And, ah, more importantly, if so...

...how old are they?

[He takes a deep breath, as if expecting to hear the worst news of his life. Spoiler: Ren's theory about the Raven Blood plot? Totally wrong by at least three regulation American football fields.

For a second his tone changes to something less exhausted and more urgent.

And, uh, Princess, if you're listening? Try to stay away from technology for a bit. The electric kind, anyway. Toasters and TVs and--

...phones. [Whoops.] As much as you can, anyway. Thanks.

[That failure of a PSA out of his system, Ren will be heading to the Church to just have a bit of a think about DEMONS DEMONS DEMONS ANGST ANGST ANGST SIN SIN SIN KITTENS KITTE--wait some things before school. Feel free to accost him any old place on his route. He'll be the bummed out kid who is holy shit finally getting used to the idea that Mayfield isn't super special awesome funtimes so much as made of blazz.]
112 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Thursday, August 12th, 2010
10:20 am
ǂ 002 -- cereal (phone/action)
[Somehow, static. Millions of it. Oh technology why are you sometimes so easy and sometimes so amazingly awkward? And then, at length, a rather confused voice.]

...eh, so. I know that it's not as important as all the confusion about whether or not you'll grow extra ears eating the new creepy cereal with the eye-patch kid on it, but it just... is bothering me.

[A slight sigh.]

Why would you want something that reminds you of the pieces that are missing? I mean, this place has the things we need to get by, right? Homes, food, families... it's real nice. Kinda kooshy in the best way. Seems like it'd be a lot harder t' enjoy if you had some sort of somethin' hanging around your neck all the time telling you there was something else.

Also, there's a really nice breeze. Makes the flowers look happy.

[And, since this kid isn't an ace at being down about things, he'll be taking his contemplative mood to the park and finding a bench to stretch out on. After a bit of noisy fumbling with the phone which ultimately ends up in it being left off the hook in frustration. Sorry for wasting the family plan minutes, Pyro and Yutaro--he tried, but the defeat of the phone-monster is great today.

And the clouds in the park have called to him. He must go to them post-haste (after the phone stops yammering at him, of course) and, if not bothered, take a grumpy-nap underneath them.
65 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
5:16 am
ǂ 001 -- awake (action)
[The pillow is actually cool enough to be comfortable sleeping in on. Not that he'll sleep in long. There's a lot to do, after all, saving the world every day. Besides, Ren can't remember the last time he slept on a pillow.

Speaking of which. Why is there a pillow?

Waking up is almost instant once the realization hit him that he's curled rather comfortably up in a bed. No bench in the park. No Rai. Just bed, alone. It feels... weirdly appropriate. Like maybe everything's been a bad dreams and now he's waking up at home and life can finally, finally be normal again.

The room smells wrong. It's not the warm cinnamon he remembers. In fact, it's a little cold and jarringly unfamiliar. But it's also very solid and real and Not A Dream, despite the heavy feeling lingering over his brow. Stretching, Ren squirms his way out of bed, wincing in expectation as he slips, fully expecting a blast of violent energy as his hand shoots out in a panic.

It doesn't happen. In fact, nothing happens. Ren flops.

The floor is hard; his chin is already swelling a little from the sharp impact. He doesn't notice. Because nothing happened when he flailed in a panic. Nothing happens when he tries again, murmuring under his breath and throwing a hand at the nearest wall. It's just words, and just his hand, and just a very solid reality around him.

So hello, Kramden Road. This brand new resident of 1486 is throwing his windows open and screaming at the top of his lungs in f'ing joy.

At least for a few minutes of unrepresented exuberance.

90 ashes to ashes ::dust to dust
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
11:39 pm
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Saturday, January 19th, 2008
12:03 pm
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If you're not a member of area_51_rpg, please remove this journal from your friends list, as it's about to be used for said game and we have no wish to spam you. ♥
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