Ren Kimura (teh_sword) wrote,
Ren Kimura

ǂ 002 -- cereal (phone/action)

[Somehow, static. Millions of it. Oh technology why are you sometimes so easy and sometimes so amazingly awkward? And then, at length, a rather confused voice.], so. I know that it's not as important as all the confusion about whether or not you'll grow extra ears eating the new creepy cereal with the eye-patch kid on it, but it just... is bothering me.

[A slight sigh.]

Why would you want something that reminds you of the pieces that are missing? I mean, this place has the things we need to get by, right? Homes, food, families... it's real nice. Kinda kooshy in the best way. Seems like it'd be a lot harder t' enjoy if you had some sort of somethin' hanging around your neck all the time telling you there was something else.

Also, there's a really nice breeze. Makes the flowers look happy.

[And, since this kid isn't an ace at being down about things, he'll be taking his contemplative mood to the park and finding a bench to stretch out on. After a bit of noisy fumbling with the phone which ultimately ends up in it being left off the hook in frustration. Sorry for wasting the family plan minutes, Pyro and Yutaro--he tried, but the defeat of the phone-monster is great today.

And the clouds in the park have called to him. He must go to them post-haste (after the phone stops yammering at him, of course) and, if not bothered, take a grumpy-nap underneath them.
Tags: *action, *phone, brb park bench, i eat oatmeal though, plot how does it work
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