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Mayfield Spesific OOC Info Dump

Residents Of: 914 Bilko Boulevard, Mayfield, USA

- Father McFatherston : Alaude - disengagedly

First Family
- Father McFatherston : Michael Redding (RED Pyro) - muffled_noises - [PERMADRONED]
Ren has tried so so hard to stay out of fake-dad's hair. So far, mission success.

- Mother McMotherton : Hermione Granger - inheritedtales

- Biggest Bro McBroington : Ren Kimura -
He's cool. Yeah. He's cool.

- Sister McSisterson : momo - a100100
Also new. Here we go?

- Littlestst Bro Broington : Yutaro Muranaka - legendschild - [PERMADRONED]
There's a lot of serious brotherly love for this guy. It's not exactly clear why they click so good, but they click so good. He gives Ren lots and lots of warm fuzzy feelings of the 'person to protect' variety.

Other Acquaintances
- Aisling - wolf_faerie -
They don't know each other horribly well, but Aisling is a flippin' happy person fae wolf thing. Ren likes that about her. She's been sweet with him and he's pretty into that about her. Plus she's kind of a badass in the park all the time, and he can get behind her particular brand of awesome.

- Calleo Crowe - perfektsymmetry -
This kid. Smiled at him on his first day. It was awesome, because everyone else just yelled at him. Then, even better, he turned out to be an awesome amazing person who caught Ren up to speed on Mayfield House Rules, does tightrope walking, and PINKY PROMISED to stay positive and be bros of joy together. PINKY PROMISES ALWAYS GO AWESOME FOR REN, AMIRITE? But yeah, this kid is awesome. And possibly the first victim of the Diabolo in Mayfield to the best of Ren's understanding. There's some complicated feelings right about here.

- Childlike Empress (Tsukiko) - kindlichekaiser -
Yet another small child thing Ren has encountered only briefly over the phone but already has insta-love blooming for like nobody's business. She's tiny but very serious and overly apologetic and charming and weirdly reminds him of this other little girl he used to know. It makes him want to pay attention.

- Florian - innocentreplica - [PERMADRONED]
Okay, so Ren doesn't actually know this kid, and they spoke for all of... like five seconds on the phone, but he is the BEE'S KNEES and OTHER OLD TIMEY EXPRESSIONS of AWESOME. Seriously, made Ren's day to meet someone so cheerful, so he's got an ear perked to meet this guy in real life.

- Major Buzzkill General Olivier Armstrong - wristsniper -
The less than welcome wagon committee of one who violently introduced him to Mayfield with... no actual violence and a rather kind offer for protection from not-dad if he ever gets in super-trouble. Ren will probably remain mildly respectfully intimidated for the rest of forever.

- Misaka Mikoto - 1_21jigawatts - [PERMADRONED]
One of the first people Ren interacted with because she lives down the street and goddamn he is loud sometimes. Also then he got locked in a car with her for seven hours during a Mayfield-induced spree of teen movie watching. During which she shocked the shit out of him because that's what she does, apparently. He thinks they're friends or something. He might be wrong.

- Princess Elizabeth Tudor - someday_a_queen -
Ren found her in the library and failed at her. Pretty hard, actually, and with some slander against her poor family (largely because his British history knowledge is... lacking). But he thinks she's pretty rad, and she didn't actually swat him away in indignant rage. He'll be keeping tabs on her and calling her Princess in an attempt to fail less.

- Sister Ciel - expiatrice -
She's a priestess working at the Church of Salvation who isn't a drone--not a drone at all! That's pretty cool. Ren can respect that, and will probably nag her about theology a good deal. She's also a teacher of some sort at the school, so seeing her around all the time is awesome.

- Squid Girl - moemoetentacles -
Who is she what is even Ren wants to be her friend or something?

- Ukraine - motheringnation -
Straight up, Ren is just worried about her. Because her family sounds really, really hard to deal with, and she's really, really sweet. Also she popped his consciously-talking-to-a-nation cherry.

- Yumemi Okazaki (Professor) - nounifiedtheory - [PERMADRONED]
...he doesn't know. He doesn't even know. But he is so intrigued. And by "intrigued" we mean "oh dear sweet merciful God someone needs to keep tabs on this girl." Because Ren likes people who clearly plan to do stupid things. And by "likes" we mean "has the impulse to be protective of despite no longer being a superhero." And by "superhero" we mean "demon spawn." Sob.

Potential Regains
[] Comfy hoodie
[] Photo of Mio
[] Empathetic sensory intake
[] Childhood scars
[] A cellphone charm from Hiromi
[] One of Rai's hair-ties
[] Diabolo powers*

*For the purposes of Mayfield and not being totally full of god-mode madness, the Diabolo powers are not quite the Ultimate Offense so much as a painful blast of energy that rips through most man-made things and... people.
Tags: *ooc info, faaaaaaamilyyyyy, idkmybffmayfield
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