Ren Kimura (teh_sword) wrote,
Ren Kimura

ǂ 010 -- soldiers (phone/action)

[Did you sleep well last night, Mayfield? Did you perhaps party a little hard and drink of the booze like drink, or stay up until the wee hours of dawn before crashing from a sugar buzz?

Thankfully, your early morning wake-up call has arrived!

Happy All Saint's, Mayfield. 's gonna be a good one, I think. So, ah... how do we get rid of all the candy? Make yourself sick on it even if you didn't go out last night, just from the stuff lying around still...

[And then it's off for a bright, productive day! Ren can be found

a) unsurprisingly, at the Church first thing in the morning, skulking the graveyard for names; and then

b) back after school, leaving flowers on a few of the stones;

c) finally back to wandering in the most populated park ever, just a little distracted, looking for a private place to sit and think; and finally

d) specifically dropping by 951 Beulah Street to drop off a book of Latin poetry he found lying around somewhere, probably with the last of the flowers. He promised at least one resident there would be poetry when things got back to normal, right?
Tags: *action, *phone, brb park bench, girls are complex creatures, idkmybffmayfield, look see it's fine now, ninja pose y/n?, not burned by crosses hah, this is my happy face
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